Seven steps towards Elevation

Seven Steps towards Elevation

I worked with the bush, selecting eight stems on each side, and weaving cuttings (from last year) to form seven steps.
The ladder leads to a circle made of some fresh cuttings that I braided and left to dry for a few days.
The tops of the stems – that still have leaves – hold the circle in place.
There’s no thread, glue or nails.

Seven Steps towards Elevation – front view

That bush always sprouts towards light…
The concept relates to seeking elevation towards a better state (the circle).
The seven steps – like the seven days of the week, and the seven chakras – are made of older wood (knowledge from a previous generation), which is more straight but also more fragile than any fresh cuts. It’s not an easy climb: it has to be done gently, with consideration for each step.

Seven Steps towards Elevation – side view

Because the vertical stems are alive, the whole piece might keep reaching up towards the sky, or maybe twist, or collapse.
I’m curious to see what will happen in a few months…

The sun came to take a look during the construction.

I ended up trimming all the other stems of that bush, which is good for the plant (too many stems block the sun which prevents the inside stems to grow), and it gives the piece a bit of a clean and defined finish.

The bush trimmed up.