Bio & Resume


Astrid Chevallier has been formally trained in Fine Arts schools in Paris, France where she studied traditional drawing, painting, color, photography, calligraphy, typography, illustration and graphic design.

Fresh out of school, she landed her first job as a production artist at one of the major advertising agencies in Paris, where she became fully proficient with the digital applications in use in the business, which were emerging at the time. She moved on to become an instructor on digital software, while operating under her own label and providing graphic design services to high-end French companies. She made a name for herself with her iconic Poster design work for Cities and Theaters, where she developed a personal style by mixing painting, photography, montages and typography.

While enjoying a successful career as a graphic artist, Astrid felt the need to explore Abstract Art as a way to rebalance her work from the strict use of form that was almost always required in commercial assignments. She wanted to reconnect with the pure act of painting and started to develop a body of work based on vibration, texture, and color, which offers the viewers’ minds a place to wander, imagine, and recharge themselves.

Astrid also operates as the creative director of the California based graphic design studio Purple Red, where she creates original movie posters and collateral material for the film industry.

Astrid’s work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in Europe and the US, in multi-media art installations, in private shows, and in ephemeral art events often paired with live painting cessions.




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